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AK Global Private Investigation is a professional detective agency, with highly trained and experienced investigators working together as a TEAM which build on TRUST towards common goals.

We emphasized on high confidentiality treatment to all clients and cases. We do not disclose our client’s information even to our own staff. We are the first Private Investigation agency in Singapore to guarantee that.


We are licensed by The Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) of the Singapore Police Force.

We are certified bizSafe.

AK Global is in the progress of obtaining ISO certification.

In Order to protect our client details and particulars, We established the Data Protection and Privacy Policy and We are the first Private Investigation Company in Singapore to publicise such policy. Dated 29 Aug 2020



Based in Singapore, we cater for clients both local and international, and can meet face-to-face or make arrangements online. We are proud to be selected and announce the new collaboration with CrisisNego Ltd, an Investigation and Security Consultancy film In Korea.



We have working relationships with some of the most respected legal firms in Singapore. We will provide you with the correct legal firms that specialise in your area of need, including Family Law, Employment Law, Corporate Litigation and others.

The list of the best law firms are based on their specialty, effectiveness, client satisfaction and integrity.

We are working closely with Tembusu Law LLP, Tito Issac & Co LLP and other reputable law films.


Our investigation services include:

  • Employees misconduct and fradulent
  • Computer Forensic
  • Matrimonial Matters
  • Child movement
  • Missing person
  • Background checks


What is the pricing like? Payment terms?

Private Investigator Singapore from AK Global promised to keep our rates to be low and competitive. Pricing depends on the difficulties of each case (eg: how much information are given to us, mode of trailing and how many manpower are needed).

Our prices are based on three categories:

  • Customised packages

Share with us the budget you are comfortable with for us to work on. We will advise you on a suitable solution within your means, without compromising the end result. A lot of coordination with insider information is required on your part. Call us at 6222-7227 for a non-obligatory discussion with us.

  • Hours packages

Suitable for one who need strong evidences for submission of court case, for supporting the lawyers proceedings and for confrontation with suspect. We will strongly recommend 20 to 40 hours packages. Please note that a reasonable amount of hours are required for a conclusive and unchallenged results.

  • Exclusive packages

One team will be assigned to follow up on your case only. They are on standby and can be activated anytime for your case. This is more recommended for clients who do not have much insider information for us. We will follow up on your case without much instruction from your part to prevent arousing suspicion from the other party. There is no need to call for last minute activation as the team is always on standby. This is a exclusive 30 days surveillance and trailing.

Why do we need to hire a Private Investigator?

A. Adultery Evidences

  • Keeping quiet when you are suspecting your spouse are not doing you and your close relatives any good. By hiring a Private Investigator, it helps to confirm or eliminate your suspect;
  • For your own protection;
  • For your challenge if needed to be present in Court;
  • Information from preliminary finding is crucial for your decision making later on.

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What is included in the surveillance package?

Videos or photographs

Court report if required (additional charges)

Are you certified and licensed?

We are certified under the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD)

Our license no is: L/PS/000583/2020

How do you conduct the surveillance?

Our directors have diverse experience in investigative works, matters such as Workplace Accident and Incident, Accounting fraud, Spouse infidelity, Employee Misconduct, etc, As a trained Private Investigator in  Singapore, depending on the mode of trailing, we will deploy several manpower to trail the subject. They are equipped with spy cameras and other relevant devices as per required.

Are there any refunds if there are negative results?

There are no refunds as manpower are deployed to follow up on your case, however we strive to produce all factual evidences during the trailing. We do not fabricate result to please our clients either.


Private Investigation


Cyber Forensic


Corporate Investigation


How is the surveillance conducted?

Getting result quick for our clients is priority. We considered the first phase of Private Investigation works as the most important. It is the fundamental for the success of the whole investigation because this is the information finding stage.

AK Global Private Investigation procedures are as follow in point form:

  • Subject Information gathering
  • Information Emumeration
  • Evidences compilation
  • Presentation to client

Using sophisticated technology/equipment, our experienced Private Investigator will be deployed to survey the subject and co-subject. To avoid arousing suspicion, we works as a team. All these practices are in accordance with Singapore’s legal requirements.

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