Our commercial investigation is carefully carried out and tailored by AK Global Investigation Pte Ltd. It comprises of a holistic range of services that include employee movement, employee behaviour, usually after office hours. Our team’s wide range of expertise and experience ensures conscientious investigations conducted in a professional manner.

Pertaining to all commercial questions, please only email to enquiries@investigation-akg.com

Employee / Business Partners Movement

During the time from 2019 to 2021, We had been receiving a huge number of cases involving checking on Business Partners or Employees movement. In fact, surveys such as TechTarget show that up to 70 percent of employers does checks on their employees and almost 90 percent of Business Partners check on each other.

Most of the white collar employees or Business Partner do not leave trace in their office equipment which make it much more difficult for Employer to find their loopholes. At AK Global, we have the relevant expertise to trail and survey on the targeted employee or business partners.

Workplace accident False claim

Our Director, Shane Goh is qualified to investigate into false claim from Workplace Accident or Incident, He is experienced and well-seasoned to conduct factual and circumstance investigations. Shane has support from one of his team mate who is a seasonal Workplace Safety and Health Officer to investigate workplace injury claim and suspected claim fraud.

Contractor / Sub-Contractor Investigation

It is true that government agency hires private investigators for some low level intelligence surveillance and their contractors movement. We increased our portfolio when in 2021 we participate and undertake a government project.

Fraud Investigation

We can help companies and deal with intellectual property rights issues, blueprint leaking out to competitors, examine accounts alterations, etc.

Below is an extensive list of Commercial Investigation that we are able to assist you with:

  • Identifying suspects involving in the manufacturing of goods;
  • Location of the factory that manufacture the goods;
  • Providing technical and physical surveillance;
  • Performing aerial surveillance;

Get in touch with us today and we can talk through all your requirements and issues and discuss what your next steps should be. We can then help you make the right approaches, conduct out and report the findings.

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