Apart from expertise in ground investigations, AK Global services include fundamental Cyber Forensic or Enumeration for our clients in Singapore. Do take note that any forms of cyber enumeration has to be done in extremely careful manner and in accordance to the law. It is not ethic to do without owner consent!

Over the course of our work, we had been called upon to conduct forensic on client’s computers and other digital machines.

In order to support any litigation process for this type of evidence, make sure you hired someone with proper Degree Qualification AND Industry Standard Certification such as EC Council and SANS institute. Do not trust those with only one or few superficial certification.

We suggest it is also best to do this together with ground investigations.


AK Global use a number of techniques and forensic software applications to search for hidden information and deleted, encrypted or damaged files. All recovered and collected evidence is verified for litigation purposes.

Generally speaking, computer forensics involves recovering two types of data:

  • Persistent data – data stored on a hard drive and preserved
  • Volatile data – data not stored and preserved, but that may reside in registries, caches and RAM

AK Global act in accordance to Computer Misuse Acts.