Apart from expertise in ground investigations, AK Global services include Cyber Forensic or Reconnaissance for our clients in Singapore.

AK Global sometimes called upon to conduct forensic on computers and other digital machines. Make sure you hired one that could show you at least his or her University Degree and industry standard certification such as SANS institute. Do not trust those with only superficial certification. You need a credible white hat (cyber security professional) to identify, isolate and recover digital information which can be used as evidence.

The word “reconnaissance” is describing as obtaining evidences of cyber mischief to court to use as part of a legal proceeding. As such, private investigator in Singapore will mostly be doing cyber reconnaissance or exploitation. It may involve collecting, analyzing, and presenting computer evidence to the client.

Do note that the difference between cyber reconnaissance and cyber forensic

Our director is associated with Center for Strategic Cyberspace & International Studies (CSCIS). He is graduated with a Degree in Cyber Forensic and Security.


AK Global use a number of techniques and forensic software applications to search for hidden information and deleted, encrypted or damaged files. All recovered and collected evidence is verified for litigation purposes.

Generally speaking, computer forensics involves recovering two types of data:

  • Persistent data – data stored on a hard drive and preserved
  • Volatile data – data not stored and preserved, but that may reside in registries, caches and RAM

AK Global act in accordance to Computer Misuse Acts.