Anti Spy Bug Detector, also known as Bug Sweeping in most part of the world, is a detailed physical and technical inspection of the working environment, or home, to locate and uncover hidden surveillance devices. Hidden surveillance devices are such as Pin Hole camera, GPS tracker, Listening devices, etc.

Bug Sweeping forms one of the part in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) module.  Ak Global Investigation Pte Ltd’s technical surveillance countermeasures approaches are unique and our aim is to improve the security of an organisation or even an unit in a residential.

We conduct a full on-site risk assessment before each survey. We will assess where vulnerabilities lie and offer strategic security advice on what action is appropriate. After we had identified the most highly possible location, either by our expertise or customers request, we went on further to use the RF scanning on that particular area. This ensure the sweeping focus on the correct path without exhausting client’s resources. A full, comprehensive and systematic inspection will then be conducted in the areas designated by our experience team of in-house Bug Sweeping professional using the some of the latest Technical Surveillance Countermeasures’s equipment.

Finally, we will retrieve the hidden devices and write an observation report for our client. Choose a licensed Private Investigation Agency to further assist you in this search.

In AK Global Investigation, our technical surveillance countermeasures team used many different approaches to assist our client . We do not rely on only one anti spy bug detector for your job.

The common spy bugs are:

  1. Listening spy bug (Low or High end)

  2. Recording spy bug (Low end)

  3. Hidden Cameras (Low or High end)

  4. Hidden Cameras (High end)

  5. GPS (Low end)

You will need a licensed Private Investigator with relevant skills and knowledge to advice you further.  Both skill and knowledge required written documents to show credibility.