AK Global Private Investigation started out with humble background. It was started by Ject Koh and his partner.

Prior to that, Ject has over 12 years of hands on experience in investigative services. Whether you need a private investigator or matrimonial investigations—Ject’s experience and quick thinking can assure you that the information you need will be found.

Entering into the Police Force, Ject has always been keen on various investigation methodogy.      Upon exiting the Police Force, Ject affiliated himself with various Private Investigation company. Catching cheating spouses, performing surveillance, background checks, pre-employment screenings and investigating insurance fraud became his specialties.

Ject has been aggressively working in the field of private investigation. Working with numerous investigation companies and starting in the trenches, Ject honed his trailing and surveillance skills. In order to continue offering investigative services in a professional, reliable and cost effective manner, he created his own company.


Updated day 10 of Oct 2017