AK Global Private Investigation started out from a humble background.

Prior to that, the director Shane Goh has over 15 years of hands on experience in private investigative services which include surveillance on cheating spouse, trailing subjects, children movement, employee movement, etc. Our experience and diversified skills can assure you that the information you need will be found.

Previously from the Police Force, Shane Goh has always been keen on various investigation methodologies. Upon exiting the Police Force, he affiliated himself with various Private Investigation companies. The director honed his trailing and surveillance skills.

In order to continue offering investigative services in a professional, reliable and cost effective manner, he created his own company with his another passionate partner.

We gather information about a particular subject prior in the actual engagement. Doing so, will save time and gauge every individual behaviour before physical deploy ourselves to the case. We are well verse in installing hidden camera to observe the movement of his Subjects before recommending to client, the best method of monitoring the Subjects.

Updated day 23 of Jun 2021