Why do we need to hire a Private Investigator?

A. Adultery Evidences

  • Keeping quiet when you are suspecting your spouse are not doing you and your children any good. By hiring a Private Investigator, it helps to confirm or eliminate your suspect
  • Singapore Courts impose a very high standard of proof when it comes to adultery. In practice, the cheating spouse would either have to confess directly to the infidelity, or you would need to provide irrefutable evidence that the other party has been having an illicit affair. Given that it is not likely that the cheating spouse would confess to infidelity, you may need to engage the services of a Private Investigator (PI) in order to gather concrete evidence of adulterous behaviour.
  • If you do decide to file for divorce on the ground of irretrievable breakdown of marriage (on account of adultery), you have to do it within six months of becoming aware of the other party’s infidelity.
  • So if you find out that your spouse was cheating on you, and you have decided on a divorce, then you should file for divorce on account of adultery as soon as possible. If you continue to stay with the cheating spouse beyond 6 months, then it may be argued that you have acknowledged and ‘forgiven’ the infidelity, and therefore find it tolerable to continue living with your spouse

B. Child Custody

  • When it comes to deciding child custody, the primary consideration is the welfare of the child, and whether a ruling is in the best interests of the child. Nevertheless, if the other person has had sordid affairs on multiple occasions, or they have a particularly promiscuous lifestyle that may affect his/her ability to be a good parent, it may have implications on who gets custody of the child

C. Alimony

  • By hiring a Private Investigator, you can check whether your spouse are under declaring his financial wealth or assets through physical surveillance or accounting checking. This is to enable you to get a justifiable sum of alimony after the divorce

D. Family Violence 

  • You need to protect yourselves against family violence by collecting substantial evidences for relevant police or court purposes. Forgiving and keeping quiet are not healthy for one self being.

E. Teenager surveillance

  • You might want to hire a Private Investigator so as to track your child movement outside.

What is the pricing like? Payment terms?

We promised to keep our rates to be low and competitive. Pricing depends on the difficulties of each case (eg: how much information are given to us, mode of trailing and how much manpower are needed).

What is included in the surveillance package?

Videos or photographs

Court report if required (additional charges)

How do you conduct the surveillance?

Depending on the mode of trailing, we will deploy several manpower to trail the subject. They are equipped with video cameras and other relevant devices as per required.

Are you certified and licensed?

We are certified under the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department.

Our license no are: L/PS/003086/2017

Are there any refunds if there are negative results?

There are no refunds as manpower are deployed to follow up on your case, however we strive to produce all factual evidences during the trailing.