Private Investigator also provides counter surveillance services to ascertain if our client had being monitored. We detect and collect evidences by physical surveillance most of the time. This kind of tactic required extensive planning and clever trick in order to trap our perpetrator.

Procedures to engage us are

  • Description of where are you been followed
  • Description of how are you been followed
  • Description of the frequency
  • Plan for the trap
  • Mapping the route and environment
  • Produce the report of boxing maneuver by our private investigators

Counter Surveillance

Purpose of our counter-surveillance services

Counter surveillance involves taking measures to find out who is monitoring your activities. You are doing this in the interest of safeguarding the following, first safety, second privacy and lastly, commercial interests

In other words, our services can protect you and your family on a personal level, or you can use it to protect your business and employees from people looking to steal trade secrets, financial records, or proprietary information.


Tactics used in our counter surveillance

1. We used physical. It is oldest form of counter surveillance and is still the most effective.

Physical surveillance involves someone watching from a distance to observe activities and learn patterns of behavior. This can take the form of a tail, i.e., a person who follows you around as you go about your day. This surveillance activity is also known as foot surveillance. Fixed surveillance occurs when a person stays in a particular location, e.g., outside your home or place of business, to observe your activities.

You do not always need to take elaborate measures to counteract physical surveillance. One of the simplest counter surveillance measures you can perform is simply looking over your shoulder. Other basic measures against physical surveillance include the following:

  • Becoming nondescript
  • Varying your routine
  • Being discreet
  • Guarding your privacy


2. Digital surveillance

For surveillance that required special equipment such as scanning radio frequency devices, please check our page at Anti Spy Bug Detector